Our route maintenance module has been designed to give you complete management of delivery schedules, inventory and cash control. The routes are easy to set up and maintain, yet full-featured and flexible.


  • Plan and navigate your routes in seconds.


  • Stop information is automatically uploaded to the Compassmax Digital manifest.



  • Routes can easily be added or edited with a route name, number and delivery days.


  • Route stops for individual customers can be easily added, edited or deleted.


  • Look up customer location and directions from customer maintenance screen.


  • A driver’s manifest report can be viewed or printed for each route.


  • Prints route receipts prior to delivery.


  • Invoicing uses the same easy entry screens that are used in the counter menu.


  • Customers can be billed on mark-in or delivery.


  • Optional secure credit card processing can be done prior to delivery.


  • Customers can be set up as COD, requiring drivers to collect before delivering orders.


  • Credit card on file capabilities for auto-billing.


  • Track inventory through production, racking and delivery.


  • Printed invoices with customer's route and stop numbers allow for easy preparation of orders prior to delivery.


  • Remote tablets for routes and fire restoration.


  • Call-ins can be scheduled.


  • Ability to produce on-demand plastic customer bag/VIP cards and gift cards using a Zebra ZXP series card printer. These durable VIP cards give you garment bags a professional and strong brand recognition.