Compassmax on Mobile

Mobility is becoming increasingly important.  In five years, personal computers as we know them will be much different. The ability to perform functions in your plant or stores without being tethered to a personal computer will have increasing advantages.  Compassmax can deliver that reality today.


There are a variety of Windows tablets, Android tablets and smartphones that can assist you in your operation.  Here are some highlights:


  • Wireless or 4G tablets can perform many functions such as: racking, scanning out deliveries using a wireless Bluetooth scanner;


  • Drive thru ability to accept credit cards via a magnetic strip reader,  wireless Bluetooth printer for receipts;


  • Remote fire restoration mark-in, information services and much more;


  • Automatic, email reports can be emailed to your smartphone tablet or PC to keep you up to date on your business’s key statistics and reporting from anywhere;

  • Scan completed orders at remote locker locations. Compassmax will automatically text the customer that the order is ready with instructions and the locker combination.


Please review our Customer Online Gateway and Compassmax Digital pages for additional mobile options.