Compassmax was designed to combine simplicity, ease-of-use and speed. The system automatically knows each customer's city, state and ZIP code based on the first three digits of their phone number, which in turn saves thousands of keystrokes a year and helps you to keep a more accurate customer base for marketing and aged inventory, postcards, labels, and letters.


With simple, easy-to-follow screens and fewer keystrokes required to fill out an invoice, Compassmax makes invoicing fast and easy. And you can make your price lists as simple or as complex as you like!


  • Create up to 999 different price lists.


  • Enter up to 99 departments (dry cleaning, shirts, laundry, etc.).


  • Enter as many as 99 items per department (pants, blouse, etc.). Set up unlimited upcharges ordescriptions per item (e.g. white, silk, rayon).



  • True forced upcharges can be entered in the price list. This feature forces the operator to choose required upcharge fields in order to complete a ticket, ensuring maximum revenue by capturing all possible upcharges.


  • An upcharge report can be printed by the operator for specified date ranges.


  • A standard message table can be set up for individual line items.


  • The system automatically knows when the operator (employee) is entering customer by phone number (work and/or home) or by customer name by the first letter or number selected. For example, if the operator selects the number "7" the system assumes a phone number entry and if the operator selects the letter M" the system  knows it is a name entry.


  • When entering a new customer, the system prompts the operator when a similar customer already exists. This eliminates the problems created when a customer is entered into the system twice.


  • Multiple customers can be set up under a single phone number. This allows more than one person per household to be responsible for their own account.


  • The system sets up due dates per item. If there is more than one item on a ticket, the due date will automatically default to the item with the longest processing time.


  • A due time can also be established for tickets. This time can be changed during invoicing.


  • A business schedule can be set so that due dates will not be set for invalid business days, such as Sundays.


  • A coupon table can be created to track the effectiveness of coupons, discounts and promotions.


  • If an item is not included on your price list, you may describe and price a unique item during invoicing.


  • Multiple lines of notes can be added to invoices.


  • Rush charges can be entered into the system.


  • Pictures of garments can be taken during ticketing and emailed to customers later.