Inventory & Production Control

Real-time, up-to-the-minute information is at your fingertips with Compassmax. Analyze your production process, monitor aged inventory and streamline your operation.  Soon you'll be turning your inventory around faster, which means generating greater revenue!


  • See problem orders that are not ready prior to the promised date and time.


  • Locate orders that have not yet been priced, such as alterations or repairs.


  • Monitor zero-priced items with the racking exception report.


  • Maintain a complete racking history for each order.


  • Generate a statistical analysis of pieces assembled by hour and use this information to plan and predict production and staffing needs.


  • Take a physical inventory any time during the day.


  • Cordless scanners, attached scanners or manual issued reports can generate any missing tickets or mistracked orders by comparing what was entered versus what is in the system. This will help you to find potential errors or theft of garments and to control your cash.



  • Control aged inventory: Set up your own aging periods, then access inventory lists, mailing labels and send postcards or email reminders to your customers.


  • When using quick receipts, the system identifies any orders that are still waiting to be marked in.


  • Get an accurate picture of the total value of your inventory at any time. Average price per piece, per ticket and per department are also available.


  • Piece count reports can be printed based on the criteria you choose. This includes piece count reporting by drop-off date, pick-up date, due date, rack date and customer.


  • Print thermal barcode tags and save hours of manual labor tagging shirt laundry. Thermal tags will track how many times a garment has been in as well as revenue produced from that garment.


  • Production forecasting: Look seven days in advance to determine workload and labor needs.


  • Scan individual pieces by operator for cleaning, pressing, assembly and three use-defined areas.


  • Multilayered late fees may be automatically applied.