Ease of Use

Advanced features are only useful if your employees can wait on customers quickly and easily.  Ease of use in a software program is essential in the fast-paced dry cleaning environment.  Our primary focus is on providing screens that are easy to follow, requiring little effort and a short learning curve for your employees.


Compassmax is the only software program available today with two distinct interfaces to choose from.  The interface can be chosen by station.


Option 1:  Standard keyboard

For counter and mark-in functions, 99% of employees’ keystrokes are located near or on the numeric keypad.  Because it is in a small area, this is fast and efficient while  being ergonomic.



Option 2: Touch Screen

Screens have been built to provide larger buttons for single touch operation.

Standard mouse (point and click) is always available in both options.



Flexibility = ease of use.

With hundreds of configuration options, the software can conform to your way of doing business.