Connect with Customers

Compassmax maintains more than 70 fields of information on each customer, giving you an accurate and in depth profile of your customer base. With a few keystrokes, you can locate inactive customers or new customers. You can also attract customers on multiple criteria – including what they've spent and what services they've used.


  • Custom emails can be set up with HTML graphics.


  • Social media:  drive traffic to Facebook, Twitter, etc. with links on your emails.


  • Email automation: emails go out automatically with no effort for you

      or your staff.


  • Email examples include order ready, new customer, inactive customer, birthday, anniversary, inclement weather for route deliveries, special promotions and much more.



  • Track a customer’s year-to-date sales, number of visits and number of pieces, as well as previous years’ sales visits and pieces.


  • Monitor customer sales over any time period (week, month, quarter, etc.).


  • Tailor marketing materials to customers based on their history (type of service, amount spent, etc.).


  • Contact lapsed customers: determine who has not been in for a certain period of time and send them a “we miss you” mailing.


  • Cultivate new customers: flag a first time customer and welcome them back with the direct mail campaign.


  • Offer automatic discounts to specific customers: institute a frequent customer discount or senior citizen discount. You can apply this discount to all items, or choose specific items in your price list on which to apply the discount.


  • Tailor customer records with notes that appear on the invoicing screen. They will also print on the customers invoice to remind you of any special concerns or instructions given by the customer. An additional “notify” message will alert employees of specific concerns regarding in order.


  • Maintain a customer’s complete mailing address, including two phone numbers. Both phone numbers can be used at the front counter to access the customer’s account.


  • Email marketing.


  • Keep track of customer preferences such as starch, hangers or preauthorized approval for repairs up to a certain dollar amount.


  • A full stop flag can be attached to a customer’s record to prevent doing business with them until a situation is cleared (example: bounced check).


  • The merge function allows you to eliminate duplicate customers and combine all ticket history.