Advanced Features

Compassmax is feature-rich with hundreds of options to tailor the software to your specific needs.  These options also allow you to manage and grow your business in new ways.  Our customers range from individual plants to large chains with 100 plus workstations and $20,000,000 in annual sales.

As you read through the website, you will see the extensive capabilities. Here are some highlights:


  • Customer-designed email templates that can run automatically


  • Unlimited customer history with full detail


  • Extensive multi-store capabilities


  • Personalized main menu (This includes your company logo on the main menu, reports and accounts receivable statements)


  • Customized reporting buttons can be set up and accessed by station


  • Handles discounts, coupons, prepay’s, refunds, gift cards, frequent fabricare and customer loyalty programs


  • Track employee activity and behaviors via automatic email alerts within the system


  • Reports can be automatically sent to your smartphone, tablet or PC


  • Interoffice emailing for better communication with staff


  • Assembly assistant module available to speed up assembly with fewer errors


  • Integrates with all the leading automatic assembly conveyors and 24/7 kiosk companies


  • Unlimited price list options (The price list and maintenance is not only important for accurate pricing, but also reporting, packaging and production.)


  • Prints customized, laminated VIP/customer cards


  • Software can take pictures of garments that can be retrieved from the invoice and emailed to the customer to view.


  • Over 70 fields of information on each customer for an in-depth profile for data mining and marketing


  • Integrated high speed credit card processing (including tokenization for greater PCI compliance)

  • Pressing station scanning


  • Ability to monitor employee production and accountability in the plant (PPOH reporting) with item

      and customer notes


  • Pop-up customer notes and item notes


  • Reports can be selected in a format to transfer to Access and Excel


  • Hot keys for fast access to important information on sales and production


  • Dashboard (Look at many key indicators of your business on one screen)


  • Full-featured, integrated accounts receivable


  • Customer service management and reporting


  • Route management: driver’s manifest and stop by stop driving instructions available to your smartphone or tablet using a Compassmax technology partner


  • Prints thermal invoices, paper and nylon garment tags.  Can print heat seals or use preprinted heat seals.


  • Mobility:  Works with tablets for drive-through, racking, information lookup and remote operations


  • Can look up customers by different criteria to prevent errors and duplicates, multiple phone

      numbers, names or partial names, reference number and customer number or barcode


  • Custom query-builder: Allows you to design and save reports that you have designed


  • Hotel billing and reporting


  • Fire restoration capabilities


  • Can re-target invoicing on the fly from a route  customer

      to a store customer or from a store customer to a

      route customer


  • Easy to use and learn software with keyboard, mouse and

      touchscreen capabilities


  • Wireless hand-held scanners can be used for taking a physical inventory, racking and deliveries


  • And much more!